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As sister companies headquartered in the state of Texas, Pettis and Associates Inc. and Wellness Healthcare Solutions Inc. are aligned in their values, their mission and their intention.  Given that it takes a great deal of diligence and attentiveness to meet our goals, both companies offer different types of programs where each meets a broad range of needs through unique services and programs. 

We Accommodate the Special Need Population

To ultimately ensure that those with special needs are fully prepared for life, we work in close collaboration with those who partake of our services making sure they become aware and knowledgeable of their choices.  As our ultimate goal is being of service to the special need population, Wellness Healthcare Solution and Pettis and Associates Inc. do their utmost to empower this segment of the population by bringing them the resources they very much deserve. We then follow up by encouraging participants to play an active role in case planning, personal development, decision making, self-monitoring as well as adhering to each individual’s service plan.  To accommodate the special need community, we combine identification, personal education, referrals and case management services.  In addition and in support of our various cultural populations, all programs employ bi-lingual and bi-cultural staff, which includes Spanish and Vietnamese speaking staff.

When People Care…Many Lives Are Changed

Both Pettis and Associates and Wellness Healthcare Solution’s staff are unwavering in their commitment to assure that each consumer has a smooth transition from each of our different programs which include General Revenue (GR), Home and Community-based Services (HCS) and Texas Home Living Program (TxHmL) . Our successes have been many, as over and over we have discovered that many of our clients have risen above various challenges demonstrated by their living productive and successful lives.

The Programs & Services We Offer

The programs and services we offer have been perfected to such a degree that our organization can provide a broad range of exceptional and individualized services that meet the requirements of those with special needs.  In support of our programs, case managers are thoroughly trained to assist families by helping them locate community resources that enhance the client’s treatment.  In fact, the CEO of both Pettis and Associates and Wellness Healthcare Solutions is steadfast in her commitment to assuring the ongoing support through individualized services for the special need population. Involving herself in national as well as local organizations that reach out into the community, she is rigorous in her efforts towards empowering those with special needs.   

The three programs include:

  • General Revenue (GR)
    Pettis and Associates Inc. currently provides services to consumers of Dallas Metrocare Services, which includes: Community Support and Respite services. To obtain further details about this program, please click on the General Revenue link or contact vwashignton@pettisinc.com  office phone number is 469.567.2100.

  • Home and Community-based Services (HCS) 
    Wellness Healthcare Solutions Inc. provides a Medicaid waiver program that offers services to individuals with mental retardation.  To obtain further details about this program please click on the HCS link or contact awarmsley@pettisinc.com office phone number is 469.567.2100.

  • Texas Home Living (TxHmL)
    Wellness Healthcare Solutions Inc. provides a Medicaid waiver program that offers services to individuals with mental retardation. To obtain further details about this program please click on the TxHmL link or contact swilliams@pettisinc.com office phone number is 469.467.2100.

To learn more about any of these programs, please call 469.567.2100 or 1.877.567.2105.