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Home and Community Based Services (HCS)

We Maximize Independence for the Developmentally Disabled

Our goal is to help those with special needs to be as comfortable and as self-regulating as possible.  In support of our goals, Wellness Healthcare Solutions offers practical, workable and affordable types of Home and Community Services (HCS) in 25 counties in the state of Texas. 

The overall goal of the HCS program is founded on being able to assist consumers in being as independent as possible as they live and work within the community.

The HCS program is a Medicaid Waiver program that provides services to individuals with mental retardation.  These individuals are either residing with their families, in their own home, in a foster/companion care setting or in a residence with no more than four individuals who receive HCS services.

Wellness Healthcare Solutions provides a multitude of specialized services under HCS, which include the following:

  • Case Management: Wellness Healthcare Solutions delivers the most essential elements of case management, which includes: client in-take, assessment of need, service planning, service coordination and linking.  It also delivers monitoring and continuous evaluation of the client, of service delivery, and of available resources.
  • Foster/Companion Care: When the client resides in a home setting, a foster care provider is responsible for ensuring that the consumer’s needs are met on a daily basis. Wellness Healthcare Solutions pays Foster/Companion Care 100% of the daily rate. When inquiring about this type of care, it is important to ask for the 100% daily rate.
  • Supported Home Living: Enhances a person’s independence through focused skills training in community settings.
  • Respite Care provides short term temporary or intermittent direct care of a child or adult, either in-home or out of home. Designed to relieve the caregiver of stress resulting from continuous care of a dependent person or persons.
  • Employment Services: Offers job placement and job-coaching programs for adults. The goal of the program is to assist consumers in being as independent as possible as they live and work in the community. Consumers learn job readiness skills followed by using the skills to find a job in the community that is best suited to that person
  • Referrals: Structured day activity programs that provide services to assist in the acquisition, retention, and/or improvement of adaptive skills necessary for community living.
  • Partnerships with Vocational Trainers provide training to assist consumers in becoming employed or to increase skills in daily living.
  • Nursing Services: Provides services that consist of performing health care procedures while monitoring the individual’s health conditions.
  • Specialized Therapies include:
    • Audiology Services
    • Speech/language pathology services
    • Occupational therapy services
    • Physical therapy services
    • Dietary services
    • Psychology services
    • Dental
    • Adaptive Aid
    • Home Modification

For more information about any of the above HCS programs, please contact Shelly Williams at 469.567.2100 ext. 315 (toll free) 1.877.567.2105 or email Shelly at swilliams@pettisinc.com