About Us

“A Healthcare Connection Worldwide”

Welcome to “Pettis and Associates” and “Wellness Healthcare Solutions,” a sister organization that provides consumer-focused, programs that promote a higher quality of life for those with special needs. Through comprehensive programs and services we offer empowerment, independence and community integration, providing choices to people with developmental disabilities.

Overcoming the Challenges Associated with Developmental Disabilities

In simple terms developmental disabilities refer to a condition that may affect the daily functioning of individuals who have life-long mental or physical challenges. These challenges may come under the heading of independent living, economic self-sufficiency, learning skills, mobility or self-care. In serving individuals from various ages and stages in life, we help children and adults overcome the challenges associated with special needs.

Different Environments…Same Priority

From the very start of our two companies, our mission has always been the same: to provide quality service to healthcare and community agencies that concentrate on serving individuals with special needs. While our organization conducts two separate businesses in different environments, each offers diverse services that make an important difference. Whether the disability is severe, moderate or mild, regardless of the circumstances, we are not distracted or compromised by these concerns, but instead make this segment of the population our most important priority.

We Take a Distinctive Approach

For more than 8 years our well-established companies have successfully worked within this segment of the population, continuously offering alternative services that make life easier and more fulfilling for those facing developmental disabilities. To date, we have successfully provided a full continuum of integrated and seamless services, and have proven to enrich and greatly improve the lives of those with special needs. Our success is demonstrated within our three different programs, which now serve over 600 consumers in 75 counties across the state of Texas.

Our Primary Goal

The function and goal of both “Pettis and Associates” and “Wellness Healthcare Solutions” is to expand upon and extend the choices offered among the developmentally disabled community by promoting self-development and by actively engaging participants in the process. To that end, Wellness Healthcare Solutions Inc. and Pettis and Associates Inc. have integrated and assimilated a core set of values, ideas and principles, which include the following:
  • Choice: We believe all consumers have the capacity for choice. With that foremost in mind, everyone should be afforded the maximum opportunity to obtain and keep his or her choices.
  • Individualization: We believe that each consumer should be treated as a respected human being with unique personal strengths as well as deficits. We assure that each consumer receives that treatment.
  • Growth Potential: We demonstrate a fundamental commitment that supports the possibility of improvement in every person’s life.
  • Success: We believe that consumers can be successful in getting and keeping choices, which in part requires that they be responsive to the requirements of other people in a chosen environment.
  • Satisfaction: We believe that the system should be responsive to the consumer’s personal experience of happiness and fulfillment.
For additional information regarding our services, please contact Jessie Gurkoff at 469.567.2100 x 307 or toll free 1.877.567.2105. You may also e-mail Jessie for additional information by writing to her at jgurkoff@pettisinc.com.