Home and Community Based Services (HCS)

We Maximize Independence for the Developmentally Disabled

Our goal is to help those with special needs to be as comfortable and as self-regulating as possible. In support of our goals, Wellness Healthcare Solutions offers practical, workable and affordable types of Home and Community Services (HCS) in 25 counties in the state of Texas.
The HCS program is crafted to offer tailored services to individuals with IDD, fostering independence. Whether residing with family, in their own home, foster home, care setting, or in a residence with up to two others, HCS ensures personalized support. Our goal is to empower individuals to thrive in the community, providing opportunities for them to reach their full potential.

Wellness Healthcare Solutions provides a multitude of specialized services under HCS, which include the following:

  • Residential Support (Services providing supervision and assistance from a service provider who is awake during sleeping hours)
  • Group Home (Individuals with IDD who live together in a long-term environment in which staff provides services with the primary goal of enabling the resident(s) to live independently as possible to reach maximum potential)
  • Host Home & Companion Care (Habilitation services provided to individuals of all ages in home-like environment)
  • Respite (Short-term services to individuals who are unable to care for themselves)
  • Day Habilitation (Services providing the opportunity to develop skills and independence, including community involvement activities, vocational training, life skills training, and health and wellness education)
  • Supported Employment (Vocational rehabilitation emphasizing to help obtain competitive work in the community and providing support necessary to ensure their success in the workplace)
  • Nursing (Services provided by a licensed nurse to asses, plan, and mediation to ensure quality of life for individual)
  • Dental (Services to address emergency, preventive, and therapeutic dental treatment)
  • Behavioral Support (Services assisting individuals in building positive behaviors to replace or reduce a challenging/dangerous behavior)
  • Social Work (Assessment and direct therapeutic intervention)
  • Occupational Therapy (Services designed for skilled treatment helping individuals achieve independent functioning)
  • Speech Therapy (Services curated for corrective or rehabilitative treatment for individuals with speech or language disorders)
  • Dietary Services (Services providing a licensed dietician to perform face-to-face assessment, consultation, and training)
  • Audiology Services (Provided by a licensed audiologist to perform assessments and direct therapeutic intervention, training, and consultation)
  • Adaptive Aid (medical equipment and supplies, including devices, controls or appliances that enable members to increase their abilities to perform activities of daily living)